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Wegmans: Saved 31% on Food

Posted by mide on Sat, April 20, 2013 in Wegmans | No Comments

Wegmans Shopping trip

I went to Wegman's today after a long while. They used to send a booklet with $5 off $25 each week with a couple of other dollar-off coupons. Now they've reduced it to $3 off $15 each week. Anyway, I went there to get organic milk and some organic produce. I also didn't want to miss their free reusable bag.

What I love about Wegman's is that it is the only store I've shopped so far, that has a very simple and straight forward approach to coupons. Their staff show that they know how to deal with coupons and know what to do when they have issues with coupons. I never had any unresolved issues when using coupons at Wegman's. And the best part is, they treat shoppers equal, with or without coupons. I never felt like I was being scrutinized or that I was being watched more carefully just because I'm a coupon shopper.

In this particular trip to Wegman's, I was only armed with my plastic bags for recycling and my store coupons booklet. There's not a lot of couponing happening in this transaction. Here it goes:

1 Martin's Potato Bread - $3.59 reg. price

1 Wegman's Everything Bagel - $2.69

1 Wegman's Organic Whole Milk 1/2 gal - $3.29

1 FYFGA Organic Firm Tofu - $1.69

1 Wegman's Cut Leaf Spinach frozen - $0.99

1 Wegman's Mix Vegetables frozen - **$0.99

1 Sliced Shitake Mushroom - $3.79

1lb bag Wegman's Organic Baby carrots - $1.59

Organic Bananas - $0.65

1 Eat Green Reusable Bag - $0.99

Store Coupons Used:

  • $1 off $5 or more Bread
  • $1 off Dairy Products
  • $1 off Wegman's Organic Cream Cheese
  • $3 off $15 Groceries purchase
  • $0.99 off free reusable bag when you recycle plastic bags (4/20 only)

Total Before Coupons: $22.75 Total After Coupons: $15.76 Amount Saved: $6.99 or 31%

The free reusable bag made my day. :) Thanks for visiting