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12 Ways to Celebrate Fathers Day Clutter Free

Posted by mide on Mon, May 20, 2013 in Others | No Comments


Have you ever given a gift to a man in your life only to go back to the store with him to exchange it for a different size, or color or model? Or you gave a gift and till now it sits unused in the drawer or closet? If your hubby or dad, or brother is picky or hard to shop for, here are some ideas to celebrate father's day clutter free.

  1. Spend a day at the beach, go camping or go fishing hassle free. That means you do all the reservations and the preparations necessary. All he has to do is hop on and enjoy.

  2. Make a digital collage of kids art work / photos which he can use as a phone, or computer screen cover.

  3. Make a voice or a video recording of you and the kids: singing, playing, talking, or reading a short story. Make it as natural as you can. This can really be very meaningful specially to those men you love who are far away.

  4. Cook his favorite dish, clean his home office table. :)

  5. Mend his favorite shirt or jeans. Press it, too.

  6. Make him a special lunch to take to work along with his favorite chocolate or dessert. (if he goes to work on Father's day)

  7. Watch a concert or game you know he'll enjoy. Or send tickets if he's far away.

  8. Give a full body massage. Create the ambiance to be extra special by lighting scented candles and playing his favorite album.

  9. If your kids are old enough, create a talent night or a special production: a skit about his favorite expressions, how he laughs etc; or recreate your first date with kids playing your roles. You get the idea.

  10. Organize a family fun night. Play games or video games that he loves, watch his favorite movie, eat his favorite fun/junk foods.

  11. Wear your special lingeree and prepare a dance number. Lol. Make it really fun & memorable. Of course, make sure the setting is appropriate.

  12. Send kids over to grandma. Go to your favorite vacation place or to a new place and enjoy a night or two, just you and he.

I'll probably try 8 & 11. LOL :D Feel free to add to my list.