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10 Fun & Budget Friendly Activities You Can Do With Kids This Summer

Posted by mide on Mon, July 01, 2013 in Others | No Comments

Summer is fun

Are you running out of ideas for summer activities? Do your kids often say, 'I'm bored', or 'can I go outside?' If you have not fully filled your calendar of fun things to do with your kids this summer, here are some ideas you can try.

Nature walk

  • Start with your own neighborhood. Let your child bring her toy magnifying glass (i found one gigantic magnifying glass in my local Dollar store), camera (or pretend camera), bug kit (Dollar store!), a bottle of drinking water, and a lot of patience to answer tons of questions. :) Encourage your child to catch harmless bugs (and set them free again later), collect leaves, etc.

Library Time

  • Just because it's summer doesn't mean we can skip the library. Check your library's website and look for any special activities this summer. Plan your visit accordingly. Jump start your visit to the library days ahead. Have a special mark on your calendar or a poster on the fridge so that your child will get excited in going to the library (my eldest always is - she thinks it's the best place in the world). Remember to discuss library rules before visiting the library (talk softly, no running around, etc.)


  • Your local sports complex or community pool is your best bet. It should be cheap if not free, within walking distance, or a short drive. Take advantage of your pool. Get your kids all geared up for water fun: swimming suit, water shoes, goggles, sunscreen and safety vest. And, if it's available, enroll child in a swimming class.

Backyard / Frontyard Camping

  • Set up a tent in your yard. If you don't have a tent, you can make one using old blankets (click here to see a sample). Encourage your child to help you set-up the tent. Put a list of fun activities you can do and games you can play. Stargazing is fun for all ages. Give specific tasks for each child: gather twigs, collect 'food' (fruits & leaves - they don't have to eat it.) The key to a successful camping 'trip' is planning and preparation, so be creative.


  • Explore a new biking trail. Re-decorate your child's bike by adding a new set of streamers, adding stickers or painting. Teach your child to ride the bike without training wheels. Here's a really good step-by-step video.


  • If you live in the D.C. area, check out Butler's Orchard. We visited it once for strawberry picking and we had such a great time. The farm has a picnic area with a giant slide, playground, greeneries, that you can enjoy after your picking experience.

Have a Picnic

  • You can do this every week or as often as you like. Eating outdoors makes the meal time experience more fun. Plus if you have a messy toddler like mine, you'll be happy to not have to clean the floor after meal once in a while. :D

Visit local museums

  • We have been to Playseum in Washington D.C. and that was a very fun experience. Check out your local museum listings and visit one that you haven't been to before.

Put up a Lemonade stand

  • I still remember my own version of lemonade stand when I was growing up. It was real hard work and very rewarding. Make your child's experience a profitable one. Help him or her put up a simple business plan. Advertise. Call your family, friends, and neighbors and get them involved. You want your child's first business venture to be successful.

Outdoor Scenic Painting

  • Go to a nearby park and a pick a spot with a beautiful scenery. A pond view is always a good choice. Let your children express their artistic side. They can use crayons, water color, drawing pencils, or paint. Bring enough paper, drawing stand / board, plenty of snacks, camera, & your Plan B if and when the kids lose interest sooner than you expected.

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