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Christmas Countdown: Gift Ideas With a Lasting Value

Posted by mide on Thu, October 17, 2013 in Others | No Comments

What could be more fulfilling than to give a gift that has a value far more than its price tag? Have you been pondering what to give your loved ones this Christmas? Every year we give & receive mostly gifts that doesn't really have lasting value. Gifts often end up to be an added clutter. This post is not about clutter free gift ideas, instead it is about taking more time to find gifts with a lasting value. In my personal experience, these are a few of the gifts I received which I still treasure physically or in memory till now.

Five Gifts I received that Has Lasting Value:

Good books.

My mother is a teacher. I remember that she used to buy us book sets when we were young. Even if I couldn't read them then, in my mind I still remember that it warmed my heart in a very special way every time we sat reading stories together.

When I was in high school preparing for exams, our Pastor gave me a beautiful dictionary. That was very special. I will never forget the thoughtfulness. I think I used to sniff the fresh scent of the pages each time I use it to review for my exams.

Handmade gifts.

Do you know how to sew? Or maybe crochet or knit? You can probably sing or make music. Do you like to draw or paint? Perhaps you love to cook or bake. You have enough time to think of the person you want to give this special handmade gift to this Christmas. Consider his or her interests. What makes that person happy? Then, let your creativity lead you to make that special gift.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, a colleague made a beautiful knitted blanket for my baby. She asked me what colors I like. She was asking me how my baby and I were doing every time we see each other. This was a very special gift because I know she has me and my baby in her mind every time she sat down and knit that blanket. It is still one of the most used and everyday favorite blanket in our house. We know it was done with much love and care.

On my daughter's first birthday. She received another handmade gift. This time from one of her god mothers. It was a knitted pink dress with a matching hat. She wore it on her birthday. Till now she wears it as a top ( as it is short to be a dress for her).

Handmade gifts for me has lasting value to the receiver as well as to the giver. It is to me a display of special relationship between two people. Why on earth would you make a beautiful hat for someone you don't really really like?

A Pet.

Have you ever considered surprising someone with a puppy? If you know someone who loves animals and is capable of taking care of another living being, it could be one of the most memorable gift that person will ever receive. It can be an hermit crab.

This year, we built an aquarium for the family in time for our daughter's 4th birthday. I'm sure she will remember that all her life.

A Piggy bank.

It is never too early to teach a child to save. Giving a piggy bank is passing on a tradition of saving money. Put some coins in. Include a book that teaches about savings.

I must have received piggy banks a gazillion times and I never got tired of them. Each saving and breaking the piggy bank memories has enriched my life and has helped shape how I value money now.

Favorite things presented in a special way.

It could be an umbrella for a little girl with a matching bag on her first day of school. Or a lunch box with her favorite design. You can give it this Christmas and say, "I want you to use this lunch box when you start school next year."

When I was in first grade, my grandmother gave me an umbrella with a matching bag. It was very special because she gave the same to my cousin who was also in my class. As if to say, you are my two favorite girls.

Really, at the end of the day, what matters is what lasting memory simple gifts will leave to your loved ones.

What gift did you ever receive that has a lasting memory?

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