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Frugal & Practical Living: How Many Knives Do I Really Need?

Posted by mide on Wed, November 06, 2013 in Others | No Comments

Hi everyone, this is a guest post from my very dear friend, long-time Collegue and fellow momma, Bing Graves of Frugal Moms. She is passionate about anything related to homemaking, traveling & frugal living. She wanted to share with us her personal take on kitchen knives, how many do we really need? If you're like me, then you probably have more knives in your kitchen than your knife rack can hold. :)

How Many Knives Do I Really Need? by Bing Graves

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Many of us use 3 to 4 Knives on a set of 8 or more knives.That is because some don't care too much about what knife to use as long as it cuts. Do we need a cleaver? Now a days not too much, unless you are a butcher. We buy bone-in meat cut in the usual desired sizes.

I personally use two types of knives in two sizes, small & medium. First, I have straight edge knives. (medium, straight edge forged knife in the picture)

enter image description here

They are best for chopping, filleting, slicing and dicing and mincing. I use the smaller counterpart for carving , paring , coring, etc.

Then I have serrated knives. (medium, serrated forged knife in the picture)

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Serrated knife is best for cutting bread, frozen meat, vegetables(quarter or half). I find using the serrated edge better for these types of job. Cutting a whole chicken with serrated knife is much easier as well for its sawing motion. Serrated knife can cut through joints and tendons faster than straight edge knife.

I know that there are knives or kitchen tools out there for those job but why spend for it if you don't really use it that much? Instead, if you can afford a forged knife so much the better. No need to worry that the handle will be broken. It is stronger and can be sharpened better. In fact, it can save you money in the long run since it will last longer.

Remember to keep all knives sharp. Since we sometimes use knives on raw and cooked food, always wash and sanitize them after use to avoid food contamination. And, of course if there are small children in the house do not leave the knives on the knife block, store your knives in a childproof drawer.

So, if you got too many knives that you seldom or never use, get rid off them. Donate them to the salvation army or goodwill or give them to people who are just starting out. And, that goes with all your other seldom used kitchen tools. Although some people may later ask themselves "where is it when you need it", but really, if you haven't used it for years, come on, let it go.

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