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Shoppers: Half Gal Milk only $1.50 & Other Deals, 8/15-8/21

Posted by mide on Sat, August 17, 2013 in Shoppers | No Comments

As a mom of two toddlers, I watch milk prices seriously. We often buy store brand organic milk or store brand regular whole milk with coupons or store credit. This week, for $1.50, I'm seeing the cheapest price for half gal. milk in my local Shoppers. Make sure you stop by at a store near you and grab this great deal.

Here are some of the best deals at Shoppers this week:

Richfood half gal milk lowfat, 1%, 2%, skim or whole - $1.50 (limit 4)

Yellow Nextarines or Peaches - 98¢/lb

Bartlett Pears - 98¢/lb

Cheerios 10.7 oz, Cocoa Puffs 10.4 oz - $2.00

  • Use $0.50/1 General Mills (Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs) cereals printable
  • Final Price: $1.00 each after doubling
  • hint: You'll see also $1/2 GM cereals on the same page, keep scrolling down till you see Cheerios coupon and Cocoa Puffs coupon. There are two separate coupons.

Kraft Recipe Makers 12.2.-16.9 oz - $2.99

  • Use $1 off Kraft Recipe Makers cooking sauces item (regional), SS 7/28
  • OR $1.50 off Kraft Recipe Makers cooking sauce, 12.2-18.2 oz printable
  • Final Price: as low as $1.49 each

Little Hug Drinks 20 ct Tropical or Fruit Variety - $3.50 each

  • $1/2 Little Hug Fruit Barrels , Variety Pack 20 ct. +, SS 8/04
  • Final Price: $3.00 each when you buy 2

Hormel Spam 12 oz - $2.50

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Stockpile Recipe: Chicken Sausage Fried Rice

Posted by mide on Sun, February 17, 2013 in Others | No Comments

Chicken Sausage Fried Rice

Chicken Sausage Fried Rice Recipe

I recently tried Johnsonville Chicken Sausage Italian Style (fully cooked). It's very tasty and can be eaten plain or prepared in variety of ways. Here's an easy to prepare, delicious fried rice recipe.

Chicken Sausage Fried Rice


  • 2 c cooked steamed rice (left over rice is ideal)
  • 1/2 c frozen mixed vegetables (or any veggies you have available will do)
  • 1 piece Johnsonville Chicken sausage (fully cooked) cut into small cubes
  • 2 cloves garlic finely chopped (or generous dash of garlic powder)
  • 1 tbs oil
  • 1 tbs. oyster sauce
  • splash of sesame oil
  • salt to taste
  • dash of ground black pepper


  1. In a pan heat oil (smear the whole pan to prevent rice from sticking on it).
  2. Saute garlic until golden brown. (skip, if using garlic powder)
  3. Add mixed vegetables. Cover until vegetables are cooked to your liking.
  4. Add chopped Johnsonville Chicken sausage. Cook for 6-9 minutes covered over medium heat. Stir occasionally to cook evenly.
  5. Add rice, oyster sauce (and garlic powder, if using). Mix thoroughly. Keep heat to medium or medium low. Cook for another 3-5 minutes.
  6. Add a splash of sesame oil, ground pepper and salt to taste just before turning off heat.

Serve hot.

This deal already expired And here's a delicious deal to grab and try Johnsonville chicken sausage.

Food Lion has it on sale for $2.99 this week.

Buy 1 package of Johnsonville Chicken sausage

  • use $1.25 off Johnsonville chicken sausage, 12 oz (regional), SS 1-06

Final Price: $1.74 + tax

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