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What Happened In Columbus Ohio Last Night,Hey what happened to the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES, last night,Things to do columbus ohio|2020-06-01

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LINDY BEATY [in court]: I wore my trusty mask so no one would know who I was.Saw this Morning around 5:45am In SE PA.Chief Boyd Norton: We interviewed probably a couple of dozen people … who had been terminated and we were not coming up with any suspects.I’ll look for them again tomorrow morning.… That’s when I knew I couldn’t do it.Do you know which goverment body we can ask as they for sure would know about so many things traveling in the air space, we counted 50plus.Looking around you find yourself in a bedroom you don’t recognize.

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Just saw the same shit here in Philly."It didn't have a tail like a shooting star or anything," Hoffman said.which will make them hardly visible to the naked eye.“You did try to kiss me once or twice” he said letting out a light chuckle.Are we to believe it’s a coincidence we are told to stay indoors!! Or are our Government’s trying to hide an alien invasion, so that for us to react will be too late.Security guard Ben must prove himself to his girlfriend’s brother, top police officer James.I’m not saying they are extraterrestrial crafts but I am saying what I saw this morning was definitely not a bunch of satellites orbiting planet Earth at a maximum of 30,000 ft above sea level.

columbus ohio news‘Oh God, What Happened Last Night?’ Says Groggy Mike Pence …

Sandra Garner: The medicine made me sick a lot.I figured the military was doing something because I live near Whiteman Airforce base.to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, disability, military status, citizenship or any other legally-protected status in accordance with applicable local, state and federal law.Correct — and that’s why she gets such a huge reaction from Villanelle.This was over Northern Ireland at about 18:20.

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At the same time there were shooting stars from every angle of the sky.St Louis Mo 9:40 pm just saw them flying east northeast.Seen the same thing about a month agoin Camdenton,Mo but only counted 17.It was at aprox 5:30 am when most people wouldn’t be up let alone looking skyward.Villanelle has lured Eve into deadly territory before.Until she sees the gun she’s in, like, a trauma dream.Wes Miller wouldn’t answer 48 Hours’ questions, but he always seemed willing to answer investigators’ questions … especially about his mother and her gun:.

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Its just happened.around 8:30pm going south-east Tuesday April 28th 2020!! I instantly thought satilites until I started counting them.Sunday morning and was looking up and saw between 50-75 over the 30 min.I’m in Sequim, Washington.I also saw them in Manchester Tennessee where are you located?.Then on and off in the same direction but not in a line.I probably should have taken her out of the house and put her in a car.traveling from west to north east , majority of em on the same course, evenly spaced apart and what appeared to be the same speed.

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My wife and I saw 30 lights around 8:15p to 8:30p, 3/28/2020, none were flashing.Which one???? T he one in Suckramento or the one in Squashington DC???.And I don’t know that Wes did that, but it sure looks suspicious.Between the Chemtrails and 5g and Corona Virus were in serious trouble.The hospital was withholding information about his condition.Me and the mrs were smoking a J in the back garden and watched them go over, heading South East roughly.around 8:30pm going south-east Tuesday April 28th 2020!! I instantly thought satilites until I started counting them.We put the lanterns to the test ourselves and they go pretty far.

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